Genomic Analysis



The ability of cells of mantain a high degree of order in a chaotic universe depends upon the accurate duplication of vast quantities of genetic information carried in chemical from as DNA. Maintaining order requires the continued surveillance and repair of this genetic information because DNA inside cells is repeatedly damaged by chemical and radiation from the environment, as well as by thermal accidents and reactive molecules. The DNA microarray technology enables the simultaneous analysis of thousands genes. This tecnology is becoming accessible thanks to the availability of electronic systems able to perform computational intensive operations. The development of techniques and algorithm for the analysis of DNA microarray images allow the possibility to investigate DNA replication and repair mechanisms that are the major causes of human's desease like cancers and genomic disfunctions.

Our group is involved in the activities reported below:

- DNA microarray images analysis computation

- DNA microarray images pattern recognition

- Analysis of Defects in DNA repair, recombination and correction mechanisms


Papers on Genomic Analysis

Researchers on Genomic Analysis:

  • Matteo Sonza Reorda <>
  • Luca Sterpone <>
  • Massimo Violante <>













This activity is partially supported by the Fondazione CRT in Turin through the project "Sviluppo di tecniche a basso costo per l'analisi genomica"