Circuit design is facing more and more complex problems due to the increase in circuit size and complexity. Efficient tools for supporting the designers are therefore more and more requested by industry, and there is world-wide a large effort in the area of Electronic CAD to provide new methods and algorithms.

The CAD group is involved in this area since more than 10 years, and since 1990 we adopted Evolutionary Algorithms as a possible approach to several problems, where exact algorithms are not viable or not enough effective. Our main interest is in layout, testing, and design verification.

In the first sector we devised and implemented an algorithm for hierarchical layout optimization for area minimization, which is deeply described on a paper appeared on the IEEE Transactions on CAD, August 1996.

In the second sector our main result is an Automatic Test Pattern Generator for digital sequential circuits, named GATTO, working at the gate-level, which is described in another paper of the same issue of IEEE Transactions on CAD. We also made several works on ancillary problems in the test area, and are now focusing on EAs for automatic generation of the hardware for Built-In Self-Test (BIST) using Cellular Automata, as well as on Automatic Test Pattern Generators at the RT-level.

In the area of design verification (for both correctness and performance checking) we recently devised approximated algorithms based on EAs, which proved to compare well with other algorithms (when available) and have a much wider applicability.


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